Liquid Chromatography Accessories and Spare Parts

Accessories for chromatography systems are additional components or tools that can enhance the functionality, efficiency, and performance of the chromatographic analysis. They serve various purposes, from sample preparation and injection to data analysis and reporting. Here are some common chromatography accessories:

These accessories are crucial for enhancing the performance, sensitivity, and reproducibility of chromatography systems.

Furthermore, some accessories and software equipment are also used to improve the efficiency and accuracy of chromatography analysis. Such as simulation and optimization software for separation conditions, data management and reporting software, as well as chromatography system automation software.

Overall, chromatography accessories improve system performance, increase accuracy and precision of analysis, and reduce the time and costs associated with chromatography research.

Sample Preparation Accessories Column Accessories Data Handling Accessories Maintenance Kits

These accessories aid in the preparation of samples before analysis. They may include filtration devices, sample concentrators, solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridges, and vials for proper sample handling and purification.


These accessories support the chromatographic column and its performance. They may include column regeneration kits for maintaining column efficiency, and guard columns to protect the analytical column from contamination.


These accessories are related to the processing, analysis, and management of chromatographic data. They may include software for instrument control, data acquisition and analysis, reporting tools, and data storage systems.

Maintenance kits typically contain replacement parts, such as seals, O-rings, tubing, and fittings, to ensure the smooth operation and longevity of the chromatography system. These kits help in routine maintenance and troubleshooting.


Safety Accessories In-line filters Detector accessories Injection accessories

Safety accessories focus on ensuring safe operation and handling of chromatography systems. They may include personal protective equipment (PPE) like gloves, lab coats, and safety glasses, as well as waste management systems for proper disposal of chemicals and solvents.


Used to trap particulates and protect the analytical column from contamination.


Detector accessories help optimize detector performance and ensure accurate signal detection. Such as different types of cell holders, flow cells, or different wavelength ranges for detectors to expand detection capabilities.


Injector accessories are used in automatic sample introduction systems. Including injection needles, syringe filters, and different injection techniques like, or on-column injections to optimize sample introduction.



Consumables are essential items used during chromatographic analysis, including vials,…