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Reference Electrode

A reference electrode has a constant potential regardless of the measurement conditions. The main difference between reference electrodes is the nature of the reference element and the type of electrolytic junction. OrigaLys offers you reference electrodes with Calomel (Hg), Mercuric Oxide (Hg / HgO) and Silver / Silver Chloride (Ag / AgCl).

Your reference electrode for Calomel – ECS, on Origalys

We offer you, among others, reference electrodes to saturated calomel. You have the choice between several lengths (103mm or 120mm). As for the upper and lower diameters, they are identical between the different references, that is to say, 8 mm.

Mercuric oxide or silver / silver chloride electrodes

You will also find on our online store Hg / HgO or Ag / AgCl reference electrodes of different lengths so that you can find the product corresponding to your needs.