Water Bath – 90200-5

15 litre capacity stainless steel water bath with Thermostir 120 unit mounted on top for pre-heating samples, can be used as an alternative to Seta Block Heater (90300-2).

The Thermostir 120 unit comprises a 4 digit display digital temperature controller and stirrer in a single unit. The unit is designed to operate between ambient +5 °C to 120 °C with a setting resolution of 0.1 °C.

The water bath requires a stainless steel rack to hold the test tubes, please refer to accessories.



  • Operation is via the control knob
  • The thermostir distributes the heated bath fluid and is protected against over-heating
  • The separate overtemperature cut-out and the bath temperature probes are enclosed within a common sheath adjacent to the heating coil
  • The operating temperature of the cut-out is user adjustable via the over-temperature dial and a float switch protects against loss of bath fluid
  • The Thermostir 120 has a two point calibration
  • Supplied with lid, mains lead and instruction manual


Thermostir Temperature Range Ambient +5 to 120 °C
Thermostir Temperature Stability ± 0.05 °C (DIN 12876)
Termotir Temperature Uniformity ± 0.01 °C (DIN 12876)
Display 4 Digit LED
Setting Resolution 0.1°C
Bath Volume 15 litre
Size (HXWXD) 30 x 35 x 35 cm
Internal Bath Size (HXWXD) 33 x 30 x 15 cm
Weight 8 kg
CCCN Code Tariff 84189910




Water Bath 90200-5 Brochure

Spares and accessories for Water Bath – 90200-5

5 Place Rack – 90202-3

Stainless steel, five place rack for 6 inch x 100 ml cone-shaped tubes (90011-0). 200 mm high x 293 mm long with hole diameter of 48 mm

6 Place Rack – 90203-3

Stainless steel, six place rack for 8 inch x 100 ml cone-shaped tubes (90040-0) or 8 inch x 100 ml trace sediment tubes (90060-0). The rack measures 238 mm high x 293 mm long with hole diameters of 38 mm.

Tube 8 inch x 100 ml cone-shaped(Pack of 6) – 90040-0

Pack of 6, 100 ml cone-shaped, 8 inch Centrifuge tube which is graduated to 0.05 ml. For use with the Seta Oil Test Centrifuge (90000-3 and 90100-0).

Tube 8 inch x 100 ml trace-sediment(Pack of 6) – 90060-0

Pack of 6, 100 ml x 8 inch trace sediment Centrifuge tubes, the tip is graduated to 0.005 ml over the range 0 to 0.01 ml. For use with the Seta Oil Test Centrifuge (90000-3 and 90100-0).