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Coulometric titration

Coulometric titration is an absolute determination technique in which the mass of a given substance is determined by measuring the quantity of electricity required to electrolyze that substance; it does not necessarily require a standard solution.

KF coulometric titration methods may be classified into two-chamber and single-chamber electrolysis methods, depending on the structure of the electrolysis cell. At present, single-chamber electrolysis methods are not among the official methods described by Japanese Pharmacopoeia and other sources, and for this reason two-chamber methods are the most commonly used. However, single-chamber methods offer a number of advantages, including the fact that they do not need a counter-electrode solution—thus reducing running costs—and that the simple structure of the electrolysis cell makes the apparatus easier to maintain. For these reasons, in the future we expect that single-chamber instruments will be adopted for use in a wide range of field