ARA has experience of procuring and delivering fully commissioned laboratories to a variety Industries including oil & gas production and Refinery projects – Petrochemical Projects – Mining and Metal Industries in the region. Using our Professional Partners, we identify the most efficient way to procure Analytical Instruments, Laboratory equipment, consumables and reagents, delivering them on time to the project location. In addition, we can manage the design and build of laboratory facilities including installation of laboratory furniture and utilities.
ARA with respect to his experienced and professional engineering Team provides a comprehensive range of services and Consultancy to meet your laboratory requirements.
Our experience allows us to work with the project’s team to find the best solution for the projects including:

  • Design: Laboratory footprint, Layout drawings of furniture and the instruments placement. Hardware, software, storage and office space needs
  • Equipment: Analytical and sampling requirements – Laboratory Equipment, reagents, spares and consumables specification
  • Service requirements: Utilities and service requirements such as gas lines, plumbing, ventilation, sample disposal
  • Method development, Calibration and validation
  • Documentation, Reporting and Quality assurance
  • Laboratory operation and maintenance

Training program includes Analyst training and proficiency testing as well as Customized field training of the End-User and Beneficiary Team
We have experience in implementation and operation of ISO accredited laboratory. We cover QA aspects such as responsibilities, training, procurement, maintenance and QC procedures.
We know the importance of health and safety systems and operational considerations for the clients. We provide HSE planning for laboratory operations and all of our sites operate in accordance with HSE protocols and practices.