Ion Exchangers and Conductivity Meters

The economical way to fully desalinated water. Whether for ultrapure water devices, automatic analyzers, dishwashers, autoclaves – fully demineralized water is required every day for many tasks in medical practices, hospitals and laboratories. Whether small quantities or up to 3000 liters per hour – our ion exchangers are suitable for every need.

In a container, water flows over a mixed bed of special resins and is thus desalinated and demineralized. A tried and tested method that ensures consistently high water quality without storage losses. The resins have a long service life and can be regenerated in an environmentally friendly way if necessary.

Stakpure ion exchangers deliver reproducible, fully demineralized water with permanently low conductivity for almost the entire capacity period and meet all common standards such as ASTM, CLSI and DIN EN 285/13060.


Europe-wide regeneration of mixed bed resins for resin depot partners…

Conductivity Meter

Everything under control Stakpure digital and analogue conductivity monitoring. Products