HPLC Instruments

Sykam offers two main HPLC instrument series for analytical, micro, and preparative applications:

  • S500 Series – stainless steel and PEEK options for micro to analytical scale
  • S600 Series – stainless steel and PEEK options for analytical to semi-prep scale

Both provide versatile, configurable HPLC systems using Sykam’s manual or automated S6000 valves.

For preparative HPLC, Sykam offers the S700 Series with:

  • Pumps up to 1000 ml/min, 400 bar
  • Detectors, valves, samplers, collectors
  • For high flow rate, high pressure preparative separation and collection

Sykam’s instruments cover a wide range of analytical to preparative HPLC needs with customizable systems using their broad valve and component range. The S500 and S600 meets micro to semi-prep needs. The S700 is tailored for preparative flow rates and volumes.