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Single Poteniostat

We offer you a wide choice of Single-Channel Potentiostats for your electrochemical measurements. The devices you will find below are all in one. Indeed, they will be both your:

  • Potentiostat Galvanostat
  • Impedancemeter
  • Speed ​​controller for rotating electrode
  • pH meter
  • Temperature probe
  • Integrated electrochemical cell

Two ranges to find your Single Channel Potentiostat:

In the OrigaStat range, you will find “all in one” systems. All the products in the OrigaStat range include a potentiostat, a galvanostat, an impedance meter and a speed controller for a rotating electrode. Their differences are based on the presence or absence of a temperature probe and control of external devices as well as their output voltage and maximum current. You also have the possibility of opting for the “all in one” with an integrated electrochemical cell and its protective cover.

In the OrigaFlex range, you will find several products with excellent value for money. All integrating a connector for battery support, a temperature probe and the OrigaMaster 5 PC software, the potentiostats in this range are available with a maximum current ranging from ± 500 mA to ± 5 A.

Each single-channel potentiostat is guaranteed for 5 years!

OrigaFlex Packs

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