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Since it was founded in 1961 by Nagahiko Kishimoto, KEM is focusing on innovative solutions for specific niche applications, developing and manufacturing analytical and measuring instruments for dedicated applications. Since more than half a century, monitoring systems manufactured by KEM are playing an important role in global environmental protection.

Nowadays, their analytical instruments like ‘Karl Fischer Moisture Titrators’ are widely used in research laboratories of universities and in the private industry and their ‘Continuous Analyzer for Hydrogen Chloride in Flue Gas’ is installed in waste incineration plants almost all over Japan. Since 1988, their ‘Continuous Analyzer for Mercury in Flue Gas’ has become popular to determine traces of mercury in the monitoring systems of incinerators. Recently, the increasing public awareness for the risk of heat strokes during work or sports activities motivated them to develop ‘Heat Stroke Checkers’. These instruments are rendering a valuable service in many sports facilities and working environments.

Since they acquired the ISO/IEC17025 international standard by the Japan Calibration Certification System (JCSS) in 2002, they are the first calibration company in Japan entitled to issue calibration certificates with the JCSS mark which ensures the traceability to the national measurement standards for their density standard solutions and oscillating type density meters.

In the year 2011 their calibration laboratory also got the JCSS accreditation for refractive index standard solutions and refractometers. This enables them to offer not only world-class high accuracy but also traceability for several physical parameters.