Spectroscopy Application Challenge

ARA Spectron is seeking to help scientists to make breakthrough discoveries and develop new applications that improve the quality of human life. The subject of this challenge is showing the power of modular spectroscopy supplied by ARA Spectron / manufactured by Ocean Insight and how it can enable scientists to explore a wealth of information with the relatively simple measurement of how light interacts with a sample.

Researchers from UAE and KSA can participate for a chance to win 10,000.00 AED.

Submit an abstract of your Spectroscopy research with a photo of your application for a chance to win 10,000.00 AED in cash, up to October 15th. There is no age limitation and ARA Spectron will announce a winner on October 30th.

The researchers can benefit from free technical supports of our spectroscopy application team up to the announcement time on October 30th.
Send your abstract and photo of your application to spectroscopy@ara.ae

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