New Spectrometer Excels for Absorbance Measurements

With excellent signal-to-noise ratio performance and high-speed spectral acquisition, the Ocean SR2 spectrometer is ideal for applications such as absorbance of optical filters and potassium dichromate standards.
Since the introduction of the first commercially viable modular spectrometers in the early ‘90s, successive generations of these versatile instruments have demonstrated significant improvement across key performance indicators including signal to noise ratio (SNR), optical resolution, scan rates, stray light and linearity.

The Ocean SR2 spectrometer is at the vanguard of the newest generation of modern modular spectrometers. The spectrometer has a proprietary linear CCD-array detector, enhanced electronics that provide high-speed spectral acquisition (integration times to 10 µs), and excellent SNR (380:1) performance for absorbance measurements, plasma monitoring and other applications. Here are some examples of Ocean SR2 performance for absorbance measurements.

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