High Speed Averaging Mode Boosts SNR Performance

The new High Speed Averaging Mode improves signal to noise ratio (SNR) in Ocean SR2 spectrometers using hardware-accelerated signal averaging. With better SNR comes higher quality spectra and more accurate results.

High Speed Averaging Mode (HSAM) is a new function that offers spectrometer users a novel method to dramatically enhance SNR in Ocean Insight spectrometers. To take advantage of HSAM for your application, you must have these items as part of your spectrometer setup:

Ocean SR2 spectrometer. Currently, HSAM is available only with the Ocean SR2, although it will become a standard offering with most Ocean Insight spectrometers in the near future.

OceanDirect Software Developers Kit. This device driver platform with API provides control of Ocean Insight spectrometers and allows users to write custom software solutions for their applications.
In addition, you will need OceanView, which is the basic desktop spectroscopy software for Ocean Insight spectrometers.

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