S 633 Amino Acid Analyzer as a New product

S 633 Amino Acid Analyzer is the latest addition to the Sykam amino acid analyzer series. Just as S 433 analyzer, the S 633 analyzer is developed as a complete operational system with application specific series of ready to use buffers, reagents and columns for physiological fluids and food/feedstuff hydrolysate analysis and customer specific applications.

The Sykam S 633 amino acid analyzer incorporates the latest sophisticated dual inert HPLC pump with built in in-line vacuum degassing both for buffer and reagent delivery and a high quality post column derivatization and detection system.

The features of S633

  • High resolution separations for free amino acids, food and feedstuff hydrolysates and physiological fluids
  • High sensitivity along with a large dynamic measurement range for routine applications
  • Application Specific High Speed and High Sensitivity versions with specific columns and a dedicated post-column reaction system for demanding applications
  • Stable, low noise baselines – even with complex physiological samples – facilitating easy chromatogram integration
  • Ease of use and low operational and maintenance costs
  • International expert support on chromatographic and sample related issues by Sykam application specialists
  • Access to expert training programs

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